Life's a stage. Stage it right.



Real estate agents can benefit greatly from the advantages that Home Staging® can provide.


Listings sell fasters, typically for more money.  You also retain listings, attract more listing, enhance your reputation and – most importantly – earn the appreciation of happy clients who are eager to refer your services.


Stand apart
Domaine Staging can help you establish a reputation as an agent who sells fast and for more money.  Home Staging® can become your tool to help property move, and capitalize on market conditions.


We can help you assess the needs of a home for sale and develop an appealing, fresh and sophisticated look.  We work to highlight a home’s assets and enhance the buyer’s ability to see the inherent potential in their new dream home.


Representing you
Above all, we strive to represent you in the best professional manner by helping you do what you do best – gain more listings, and sell more homes.


To learn how Domaine Staging can help you as an Agent, please contact us today, 704-905-6343.



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"Domaine Staging did a great job making my listing stand out from the rest. I am convinced that in this challenging market, having it staged by Marcyne and Domaine Staging is why this home sold in 15 days!"
- Susan Axton, Allen Tate