Life's a stage. Stage it right.

With the market for new homes more competitive than ever, Domaine Staging offers many builder services to give you every advantage.

We have a deep understanding of the specific needs for a spec or vacant home. And our extensive network of resources can help you compete, whether you’re a custom boutique builder or a large production builder.

With incentives and great market conditions, many people have taken advantage of low costs and purchased an investment property, hoping to turn it around for a profit.

Home Staging® could make the difference in helping you earn a significant return on your investment.

We’ll work with you
Domaine Staging will work with you to furnish, paint, decorate and accessorize a home you are trying to sell. We use appealing colors and patterns to attract potential buyers. We also have a huge inventory of furnishings for your use, and only hire professional movers.

Staged homes sell faster
Research shows that 94% of staged homes sell of average in 29 days or less, compared to 145 days on the market for the average unstaged home.

We have experience working with your budget and your schedule to make sure the property is ready for the market.

We know you worked to get the house in mint condition, and we will strive to protect your investment.

To learn how Domaine Staging can help you as a Builder / Investor, please contact us today.

Domaine Staging has just transformed the model at Harbour Place Townhomes and Brownstones in Davidson and the new look is fresh and inviting. Marcyne listened to our needs and concerns and helped us address the issues in a professional and prompt manor. We are pleased with the results and I personally recommend Domaine Staging.”   - Mona Depew, Helen Adams Realty


Accreditations / Associations

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A yearly lease paid upfront - and property was signed for sight unseen!

Did you know that Staged homes appraise higher than a non-Staged home?


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