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Would you like a fresh look and makeover for your home without having to buy all new stuff? Do you like your furnishings and décor—you just can’t seem to find the “right place”?  Are you looking to create a warm and festive feel for the holidays? Stage to Live can do exactly that. With just a quick professional home makeover/redesign using everything you have and turning your house into a stress-free beautiful environment. 

In just hours Domaine Staging™ can transform your home into a beautiful space. We can do a quick one-day makeover in just hours, or if you want to take your room to the next level, we can offer our expert shopping services as well.  Typically, each room can be Staged to Live for $250-400 depending on the scope of the project. Domaine Staging™ will provide you with an estimate beforehand, and we usually plan for at least 4-8 hours on each project.  Fees are due the day service is rendered, and we accept personal checks, Visa, and MasterCard.

If you don't want a professional redesign and just need help with suggestions as to what needs to be done, we offer consultation services as well.  Call us for a free assessment and we can provide you with a quote.

So how are we different than a home decorator? Domaine Staging™ differs from decorators in that we do not do often provide custom draperies, (only on occasion, when the client and situation require it), and do not order custom furniture pieces.  We always keep in mind that your home is your single biggest asset and even if you don't plan on moving for 5 plus years, we would not be an advocate of painting your hallway in your favorite color, “punk-rock purple”.  We may suggest that you accessorize with it instead! We like to work with what you already have in the home—instead of insisting on expensive purchases you don’t need.

Domaine’s Stage to Live has the goal of helping you use what you have to create a beautiful environment, keeping in line with your home’s architectural features, the function of each room, your needs and personality, furniture placement and lastly budget.

To learn how Domaine Staging can help you as a Homeowner, please contact us today.

… I could easily have spent 3 times the money and not have been able to come close to how great she made the place look. She is full of energy and there was no task to big for her to tackle. She was hard working and dedicated to the project at hand, and was not even close to being satisfied until the job was done. Not a single person has walked into my house without dropping their jaw! I absolutely love what she has done with my place, … After living in my place for 5 years, I finally feel at home!"
- Dave M.


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