Elizabeth Brady
Luxury Home Staging Specialist

Elizabeth Brady was born in Belize, Central America and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Eventually, she made her home in North Carolina in 1999. Her passion for Home Staging and Redesign started with her Visual Merchandising job at a top clothing store. She realized that by arranging clothing and merchandise in an appealing way she could increase the profitability of the store she managed. That knowledge transferred over to  home decorating. As Visual Merchandising communicates to a buyer with beautiful displays that make the merchandise more appealing, Home Staging talks to a potential buyer and invites them to see the full potential of a home.

Liz, as she is often called, is an Accredited Staging Professional, ASP® who also maintains a current real estate license she is able to offer her real estate knowledge and Staging experience to help clients maximize their property’s potential.

Elizabeth resides with her husband 3 teens and 3 dogs in Cornelius North Carolina.